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October 21, 2014

batman costumes

mens batman costumes

We all love to celebrate Halloween parties by wearing batman costumes as well as the more traditional Halloween ghoulish variety. Many like 70s nostalgia. Most are not familiar with the history of Halloween and do not want to know anything much about it either. We just want to wear Halloween costumes and have fun along with family and friends. However, there are a few who would like to know the origins and here I will briefly introduce how the Halloween originated and why we all wear these strange Halloween costumes.

During the good old days there used to be an event known as Samhain. The Celts in the present day Ireland, France and UK celebrated this festival on 31st October each year. In those days, winters were very tough and cruel. They did not have electricity; present day fuel and energy to keep them warm and keep their nights lit up. So for them the winter season was very harsh and often brought death and darkness; whereas, the summers brought them food and sunny days. This was the time the feared and wanted to pray to Gods to save them from darkness and death. They thought that winters brought evil and they wanted to ward off the evil and bad souls from their community. Those people were afraid of dead returning to the earth on the eve of New Year and they thought that evil forces came on earth with the beginning of the New Year. So the devised a method told by their priests to save themselves from these evil forces.

The wore different weird costumes and celebrated the New Year arrival with bonfires and rituals to ward of dark forces and to bring happiness upon them. Initially very few people attended these celebrations as only sacred people were allowed to participate; however, gradually this tradition spread all over Europe and many communities made it compulsory for themselves to conduct the these events which were later named as Halloween. With the arrival of new thoughts and education, this event turned into a festival for enjoyment and people started wearing beautiful and attractive Halloween costumes to have fun and enjoyment.

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